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Term 3 was an absolute win! So many exciting moments and new ventures taken!
Check out the highlights from term three below!

This term was full of first time achievements:

- 28 productions
- 14 different schools
- 9 new schools we had never been at before
- 13 productions in one week

See all the productions and schools below:

·         St. Mary’s - July 21. Copyright
·         Marrianridge - July 22. Triple production
·         Carter High - July 23. Triple production
·         Eastwood Secondary - July 24. Triple production
·         Waterfall College - July 25. Triple production
·         Overport - August 5. Copyright and I Heart Sex
·         Hunt Road Secondary - August 7. I Heart Sex and Justice
·         Crawford La Lucia - August 18. Copyright and I Heart Sex
·         Curro Hillcrest - August 22. Copyright       
·         Bechet Secondary - September 4. Copyright and I Heart Sex
·         Westville Boys’ High - September 8. Copyright
·         St. Charles - September 10. Copyright and I Heart Sex
·         Our Lady Fatima - September 12. Justice
·         St. Henry’s - September 30. Copyright and I Heart Sex



“The production was fantastic and had a very clear message that the boys responded to well.The energy shown by your team was also fantastic and the way they interacted with the boys was a real success. The performance is very well structured and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats with the use of music, humour and excellent production of visual aids.” 
-Gavin Sweet (Westville Boys’ High School)


“I learnt that I must not have sex before marriage and I know I will not.”
-Kameel Khan (Grade 9, St Charles’ College - I Heart Sex)

“It has encouraged me to take a stand, make my decision, move on and live life. We only live once but I’ve got to make decisions that are best for my future.”
-Mary Mnyandi (Grade 9, Bechet Secondary School - I Heart Sex)
“I really learnt something today and i’m really inspired by you guys. Thank 
you so much for coming to our school, it has left some of us emotional.”
-Londeka Memela (Grade 10, Hunt Road Secondary School - Justice)

“You inspire young kids like us to work together to make a better South Africa.”
-Noluthando Mpanza (Grade 10, Hunt Road Secondary School - Justice)


At the beginning of the term the entire team piled in our trulife vehicle and headed up the North Coast for a creative time away!

It was such a beneficial time for the team. Colin, our director, inspired us once again with the vision behind TruLife: to Train, Raise and Unleash this generation to live to their full potential!

In order to better achieve our vision we know we need to reach students at an even younger age. So we wasted no time in getting straight to work brain storming, planning and creating our new Grade 6 and Grade 7 productions!

Creating something from scratch is HUGE work! New productions require script writing, choreography, new costumes & filming! Good thing we have an amazing team of extremely creative, high-capacity people to get the job done!

We are already starting to see these productions take some shape and they are looking good!

We are very excited to start performing in primary schools in 2015. We strongly believe our messages for both Grade 6’s and Grade 7’s are pertinent for what they are facing.

Our Grade 6 production deals with peer pressure, identity, self esteem and self worth.

Our Grade 7 production focuses on bullying. We have seen a huge increase in bullying- be that cyber, physical or emotional bullying, and we are passionate about seeing a change in this area.

Thank you again to all of you who continually support us.

For more information:
Email us at [email protected] or visit our website at www.trulife.org.za



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